For the Love of Sports

With the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament taking place in Qatar, Al Rayyan’s Ahmed bin Ali Stadium will take a new prominent place in the world stage as one of the official tournament stadiums. This honour will be a major milestone for the historied club and as the club continues to grow it is supported not only by the spirit of the local community, but also by UrbaCon Trading and Contracting (UCC).

UCC continues to be a steadfast believer of fostering the community spirit and supporting its local ventures and, as of 2013 has been an official sponsor of the AL Rayyan football club. Prominently featured on the main team’s football jerseys, the UCC logo serves as a silent token to the commitment and support the construction industry giant has for the beloved team.

The union between UCC and Al Rayyan was a perfect arrangement, the two brands are seen as the frontrunners in each of their respective industries and both brands are well recognised pillars in the Qatar community. The arrangement also goes to further underline the commitment that UCC has to Qatar, its future and the future of its people. UCC not only builds stadiums, it takes an active role in instilling the passion that the Al Rayyan Football team inspires in so many of its fans.