It always seems impossible until it is done.

The stunning Sheraton Hotel is not only a beloved landmark on Doha’s West Bay, it is also a testament to the skill, dedication and perseverance of UrbaCon Trading and Contracting.

Renovations on the majestic 5-star hotel began in March, 2014 and once news of the hotel closing was announced the public expected to say goodbye to the hotel for a minimum of one year with the belief strong in people’s minds that such a feat would surely take time. When UCC announced their plan to complete the project in October, 2014, after just 7 short month, no one thought it would be possible to take on such a behemoth of project and to complete it in such a short amount of time.

UCC proved naysayers wrong when, on schedule, the Sheraton opened its doors to the bewildered public and reintroduced itself in all its glory, fully restored to its original state of 1982. The task of fully renovating the 371 room hotel in seven months was made possible through the steadfast dedication of UCC, once the constructing giant commits itself to a project, it is determined to succeed and instill trust within their clients.

The work was carried out by 16, 000 workers and 1, 212 engineers working around the clock in two shifts. However, UCC’s success on this project was not due to the sheer manpower alone, as a multi-faceted conglomerate offering full turnkey services to its esteemed clients, UCC is unique in its ability to foster new companies that will support them on their ventures.

With over 20 affiliated companies, all under the UCC umbrella, the renovation of the Sheraton Hotel was made possible in such a short time by the support received from these affiliates. For example, Radiant, the engineering enterprise fulfilled all of the engineering needs of the project and Marble Stone, the marble and granite trading company and Steel Master, the leading steel manufacturers in Qatar, provided them with the necessary raw material and skill. The benefit from working with its affiliates is the amount of control UCC has over the production schedule and quality of their materials and services. UCC provides the best, because it works with the best, because it knows that they produce the best quality products and services.

Quality control is a major focus for UCC and all of its affiliates. They employ the best Managerial teams with undisputed expertise in their individual lines of work, who in turn instill confidence and motivation within their employees. UCC is a well-oiled machine constantly striving to improve itself and to fulfill and exceed their clients’ needs and expectations.

This staunch commitment to their clients is instilled in UCC, and, it is because of this that UCC has the privilege of working with some of the most esteemed clients in the country. From high ranking VIP’s, to major government bodies, to large corporations, UCC provides them all with quality products and an unsurpassed level of professionalism.

While the Sheraton stands out for its record completion, UCC has a long list of accomplished projects under its name, such as the Lekhwiya Soccer and Sports Stadium Complex in Duhail, the Souq Waqif Underground Carpark, several private VIP villas and the newly built Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, just to name a few. The list of satisfied customers continues to grow for UCC, and another crowning jewel in their portfolio is the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara.

Banana Island, the 5-star Maldivian style resort located 5km off the coast of Doha, was a huge production for UCC. Not only did the company build the resort and the accompanying Al Shyoukh Terminal, the company was also commissioned to reinstate the island’s beaches which involved the placement of around 200, 000 m3 of selected beach sand. The total marine works included 1.2km of revetment work, 0.5km of breakwaters, a marina for 3 yachts, a service and fueling marina, a breakwater providing a helipad, marine pilling works to accommodate a floating restaurant and an overwater Spa and Wellness Centre.

Marine works have now become familiar territory for UCC, with their 2,000 strong array of land and marine equipment, their current ongoing ventures include the construction of revetment and beaches around the newly reclaimed Six Lusail Islands and several resorts around Qatar’s coastline. Each project is undertaken with a firm focus on sustainability and is accompanied by thorough environmental and marine studies to insure a positive, lasting impact remains on its surroundings. This level of care, however, is not limited to just the construction process, it is continued long after their last excavator leaves the site through their maintenance of support structures such as the desalination plants, sewage treatment plants and waste management systems. Highly skilled teams of professionals accompany each project and the success of the luxurious Banana Island is a perfect demonstration to the quality of work UCC provides its clients.

The Mall of Qatar is another project that comes to mind when thinking of UCC. With 252,000 m2 of leasable space spanning across 3 levels and underground and surface parking for 7,000 cars, the Mall of Qatar is a massive project that is set to attract an estimated 20 million customers per year. UCC’s award winning team of international designers, architects, marketers and building professionals are all hard at work to bring to Qatar the best shopping and entertainment experience.

This soon to be completed Mall will not only be a focal point for Qatar, it will also be, like many before it, a further testament to the capability of UCC. UrbaCon Trading and Contracting not only builds Trust, it builds Icons.