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UCC Holding Honors Women in the Construction Industry

UCC Holding honored its female employees on project locations, through an event called “Women in Construction Week”. The event was celebrated from March 1 to 7 in celebration of Women’s International Day.

UCC Holding considers women as assets to the company, performing project deliveries and preserving UCC Holding’s status as the best in the industry. The week-long celebration was carried out to express that women in construction are as valuable to the company as their male counterparts.

On this occasion, Mr. Ramez Al-Khayyat, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of UCC Holding stated, “Gender specific roles are gradually diminishing, and we are glad contribute to this change. We value women empowerment and our team believes that the industry needs more diversity; to bring in different insights, experiences and add value to the team – these added values, we strongly believe that only women can deliver.”

UCC Holding’s top management is always committed to recruiting, developing and retaining a diverse talent base of women and creating an atmosphere of cohesiveness among the staff who come from different countries and cultures, all unified under the slogan of UCC Holding’s Building for Generations.