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Main Trunk Sewer Project in Doha South Achieves the First CEEQUAL Design & Build Award

The Public Works Authority’s Main Trunk Sewer (MTS) Project in Doha South has successfully achieved the Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Assessment and Award Scheme (CEEQUAL) ‘Good Rating’ and became the first and only project in the region to obtain the CEEQUAL Design and Build Award.

CEEQUAL is an international evidence-based sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme for construction and service projects. It uses a rating system to assess performance of the projects during their development through the design and construction phases.

Ashghal completed the construction works of the Main Trunk Sewer last April, as part of the Doha South Sewage Infrastructure Project with “Jacobs” (formerly CH2M) as the international management consultant. The project aims to serve several areas south of Doha through connecting them with the drainage network.

The Main Trunk Sewer (MTS) comprises of three branches; Northern, Western, and Eastern, with a total length of approximately 16 km. The Northern Branch extends for about 4 km through Rawdat Al-Khail and Al Nuaija areas. The Western Branch stretches for about 5 km from Mesaimeer, Al Maamoura to Freej Al Soudan. The Eastern Branch extends for about 7 km from Al Thumama to Old Airport area, passing through the E-Ring Road. These branches are gravity-based tunnels which are designed to reduce environmental impacts arising from sewage overflow, control odors in sewage treatment works and conveying system, and decrease the costs for operation and maintenance of foul sewer system.

The Doha South Sewage Infrastructure Project also includes the construction of seven lateral interceptor sewers with approximately 24 km of microtunnels, which are constructed using 170 deep shafts in different areas around Doha. The lateral interceptor sewers will convey sewage flows from areas in the center and south of Doha to the three branches of the MTS, which will then convey these flows to the existing Doha South Sewage Treatment Plant.

It is worth mentioning that the project is designed to accommodate the population growth expected in Doha South and has the capacity to be linked to the future infrastructure projects, in line with Ashghal’s commitment to provide sustainable infrastructure in the State of Qatar. Once complete, the project will enable the decommissioning of more than twenty foul sewer pumping stations located in the residential and commercial areas in the south of Doha.

It should also be noted that the project team has implemented periodic environmental audits as a contractual requirement to test and measure the contractor’s (the Joint Venture of Bouygues and UCC) compliance to the established standards and environmental bests practices.