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“Every Blood Donor is a Life Saver.”
UCC Holding Held a Successful Blood Donation Drive at PIH Tower

As UCC Holding’s commitment towards a Safe and Healthy working environment, the group is proud of the efforts and participation made by the employees of UCC Holding and PIH in this Blood Donation Drive. Blood transfusion helps save millions of lives every year. It can help patients suffering from life-threatening conditions live longer, with a higher quality of life and supports complex medical and surgical procedures.

Registration for the event began at 8 am and proceeded till 3 pm, with enthusiastic participation from all. The successful event saw a large turnout with over 175 registrations & screenings and 73 accepted blood donations

Within the month of November, Clinic Day and Blood Donation Drive campaigns were successfully organized by UCC Holding. Both events witnessed a very high involvement of employees, simultaneously raising health awareness as well as the importance and benefits of donating blood.