Building trust is more than a motto, for us it's embedded in everything we do. Being open, transparent, and accountable allows us to instill trust with our clients at every level and in all interactions. At UCC, we extend this trust to everyone we work with whether it's a client, customer, partner or stakeholder. The result is a cohesive network of repeat clients who look to UCC to initiate full turn-key design-build arrangements that drive projects forward, ahead of schedule, and below budget. As a result, the continuous support and engagement of our clients stems from the root of our motto, “We Build Trust.‟


Our wide breadth of partnerships, subsidiaries, and contractor relationships allows us to fully integrate our services into highly coordinated projects. Coupled with collaboration, communication, and coordination we leverage our resources and partner networks to enable our professional project teams to operate efficiently to deliver the design, construction, and management of each project.

Value for Cost

We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive innovative project solutions that are worth the value they've invested. In order to create lasting relationships built on trust, we ensure that the materials, resources, and manpower invested in projects deliver results that surpass our clients' expectations.


Stringent compliance to health, safety and environment standards are prerequisites to every activities we do at UCC. Given that the safety and health of every individual, whether an employee, contractor or vendor, is crucial to the corporation, we follow rigorous safety standards and best practices to strive for an injury-free environment.

As a result of our keen adherence to health, safety and environment standards and policies, UCC has earned OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certifications. This recognizes the development and implementation of a comprehensive health, safety and environmental program that strives to provide and maintain the safest possible working conditions. We remain vigilant about promoting a culture of safety and implementing it with all employees. This is done by proactively taking measures and precautions to minimize the risk to our employees. From risk management and job safety analysis to unscheduled fire drills and safety audits, we always go above and beyond to ensure we maintain our track record of an injury-free environment.


Our quest for excellence has no limits or boundaries. We continually adhere to the highest quality standards as it is integrated in everything we do. Not only do our clients and customers require it, but we demand excellence of ourselves.

At UCC, excellence is reflected in the timely completion of projects that are in compliance with certain standards, adhere to client specifications and budgets, and achieve customer satisfaction. Excellence also means adopting progressive management methods that encourage a culture of quality and demonstrate continual improvement in all of our processes. As an organization, we employ highly qualified and skilled employees who can effectively implement our Quality Management Systems in every service we offer.


Our goal of achieving excellence is constantly evolving because there's always a faster, smarter, and more efficient way to perform tasks and deliver projects. At UCC, it's not enough for us to set ambitious goals, but rather, it's our responsibility to come up with creative solutions that bring greater value to our clients and add ingenuity to their projects. Through our innovative approach, we are at the forefront of emerging building trends and one step ahead of the competition.


Contributing to the sustainability of projects is not just a short-term solution, but a critical and indefinite long-term objective at UCC. We are committed to taking a holistic approach to the sustainable processes and solutions that we propose and implement as we keenly consider the value, impact, and result on the environment. By becoming advocates of sustainable living and ambassadors of social consciousness, we aim to construct developments that make a positive contribution to the community, long after they are built.


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