Baladna Farm

Project NameBaladna Farm
LocationUm Al Hawaya, Qatar
Scope of workDesign & Build
Total Plot Area2,000,000 m²

The Baladna Farm project consists of 10,000 milking cows with provisions for an additional 2,000 milking cows.

The project is located in Umm Al Hawaya, Qatar with a total area of 2,000,000 square meters divided into two areas; 1,800,000 square meters allocated for barns and their related facilities and 200,000 square meters allocated to the milking process facility, which has a capacity of producing up to 500 tons to milk.

The cow barns are designed to American Standards and in respect of the Qatari Planning Laws and Regulations using the best practices available and the latest technologies. The cooling systems of the barns are based on the latest worldwide-recognized technology while the manure management system is based on green water flushing system and the sidewalls are equipped with motorized curtains.